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Moto E5 Play FRP Google Bypass Android 8.0.0 Without Pc || YouTube Update Fix

hello friends today i am going to show you how you can bypass frp lock on Moto E5 Play if you face youtube update message problem so here is the tutorial 

First of all we go to our home screen and we need to click on vision settings enable talkback and draw L shape on screen then select talkback settings double click on it then scroll down with the help of two fingers now click on talk back tutorial now click on talkback off and that's all now click on help and feedback and now here you search for get started with voice and click on it now scroll down and click on the change google app settings and now scroll down and select here iphone and ipad then scroll down again and select here privacy and security 

now again scroll down and here you will get google maps timeline click on it and now you need to click on google maps timeline and this will go for google maps so skip down and just click on the back button and now you are in google maps so here we need to find any location i just find my city name gujarat you can find anyone which you like so i just find it and now we need to click on the direction button so it will take a few seconds then click on the start button 

Now click on the mic button at the right corner of the upper side click here and then say in the mic Open Google and wait a little bit this will receive the command and as you can see our google is open now and here we need to find chrome just type chrome and select to launch the chrome now we are in chrome here we need to find Frp Faisal from faisalmobile.com you will get the first link so just click on it

In the website you need to scroll down here we need to download two files so first of all we need to download Android 8-9 GAM  so just download it as you can see i am just downloading it give permission okay allow now click on the download button and that's all now we need to go back this can take few minutes depend on your internet speed to download it so we just need to go back if you don't want to go back just type in the search bar again frp faisal and then go again to my website now we need to download frp bypass apk now click on it and we need to download it 

Now we need to go to the downloads folder so we can install the files so click on three dots download here you can see our files are going to download this can take time depend on your internet speed so wait for it to finish the download then we need to install the android 8.9 first then frp bypass after that now you can install it just click on the google account manager settings give permission go back install and after the installation of this we need to install our second file so it's installed frp bypass click on the install button to install it 

Now we need to open this file and now click on the three dots browse sign in okay so here we need to give our gmail id and password you can give any gmail id password over here so i am just going to give my gmail id and password over here and then login now you can see our account is logged in successfully so we just need to restart our mobile

Now we just need to setup it and the frp will be gone and you can use your mobile perfectly there will be no lock at all if you are done this frp bypass please do comment in the comment section with the date so other people also can get help

Now you can see our mobile is started up successfully we just need to click on the next setup new and this can take few minutes but you can see our account is already added here we just need to click on it you can use this method on other motorola mobile like moto e5 and you can use the same method on it and if you get youtube update message so this method for you and this is a risk free method there is no risk in it so you can easily bypass your motorola e5 play

Now you can see our phone is started up successfully there is no frp lock or google lock you can use it with new gmail id and password no problem at all and you can see settings about system and you can see it's about it's android 8.0.0 and you can see its model number moto e5 play so hopefully you like the video if you like the video do subscribe like and share see you in the next video till then bye bye

In this video, I'll show you how to Moto E5 Play Frp Google Bypass Android 8.0.0 Without Pc || YouTube Update Fix New Method 2021 100% Done. This Method Also Work On All Moto E5/E6/E6+/E6s/G6/G6 Play/G6+/G7/G7+/X4/Z2/Z3 Play/Z4. You Just Download Files From the Given link And Follow Video Carefully Step by Step FRP Apk Files: Download

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