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All Samsung Bootloader Unlock Android 11 || How To Fix Hidden OEM || How To Enable OEM Unlocking

Hello friends today i am going to show you how you can unlock bootloader android 11 so first of all go to settings about software information click on the build number seven times and then you will open the developer options so click here and here you need to open the OEM unlocking which is not available here for that you need to connect your wi-fi first you need to connect your mobile with wi-fi and then you need to update your software click on the update software

We just want to connect it with the server and then go back again and check in the developer mode OEM unlocking is available, yes and it's on that's all, for bootload unlocker we need to OEM unlocking on

Now we need to turn off our mobile and put it in the download mode for that connect the USB cable and press volume up and down and this will let you go to the download mode as you can see now we are in download mode and here is you can clearly see long press volume up for device unlock mode so we long press volume up and you can see it's asking for the permission once again Press volume up for yes and now your phone will be restart and all your data will erase so keep your backup first then do this process

Now phone will restart and you can see an exclamation mark and it means your bootloader is unlocked and now you can root your mobile or you can do custom rom no problem at all now this will take five to ten minutes to start your android so wait for it

Hopefully, you understand the process you can use this method on all Samsung mobile which have android 9 10 and 11 so this is the method to unlock the bootloader it's important to unlock the bootloader for a root or custom rom

now your mobile will be started up successfully and now you need to just set up it and now you just need to select the language then you click on the start button then next next and your phone will be okay so here is the method to unlock the bootloader

you can use this method on other Samsung models so the same process you will do and this will help you to root your mobile and if you want to relock your bootloader so that you need to flash your official firmware then it will relock your bootloader

Welcome to Faisal mobile solutions. In this video, I will guide you on how to enable OEM unlocking how to fix hidden OEM and how to enable developer option in android 11 of all Samsung A40,A10s/A20s/A30s/A31/A40/A50/A60/A70/M10/M20/M30/40/s8/note20/s21 if your OEM unlockinhg is Missing This video will help you how to enable it

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