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Samsung J4 (SM j400) Google Account Frp Bypass 2022 Android 8 || YouTube Update Fix

Samsung J4 (SM j400) Google Account Frp Bypass

Google has added a new security feature called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) to its all Android Operating Systems Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Pie, Oreo,10 Q, and 11 R versions, and so on

Whenever you set up a Gmail Account in your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400), the Factory Reset Protection (FRP Lock) will be activated, now your device is bound with the same Gmail id and password so in this case if you perform a Hard Reset or Factory Data Reset without signing out your Gmail id, You will be stuck at Frp lock screen page and you can't use your phone until you sign-in with the same Gmail id and password which you used previously in your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400) This FRP (factory lock protection) will protect your data in case of your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400) is stolen or lost So this is the best way to protect your data but if you forgot your Gmail id and password then faisalmobile.com gives you an amazing way to bypass FRP lock for your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400)

The FRP bypass tools and files are totally free and you can use the FRP bypass apps and tools according to your phone and we have all the latest and updated FRP Bypass APK which you can use to bypass FRP on your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400)

How To Disable FRP Lock Before Hard Reset?

In your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400) device, The Factory Reset Protection will automatically on whenever you use Google Account to your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400). In this case, If you want to disable FRP Lock, first, you need to Sign out your google account Then hard reset or factory data reset your Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400)

Is FRP Bypass is Safe?


Yes, the FRP Bypass apps and tools are completely safe and secure for Samsung Galaxy J4 (jSM-J400) FRP lock. We have tested all apps and tools before uploading them to our website. There is almost no chance to attack unwanted bugs and viruses. So you don’t need to worry about any threat your anti-virus shows up as it does not have any viruses and malware that hack or harm your devices.

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How To Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Google Account FRP Bypass?

In This Video, I'll Show You How To Samsung J4 (SM j400) Google Account Frp Bypass 2022 Android 8 || Youtube Update Fix No Sim. This method also works on all other Samsung models. hope it will help you to remove the FRP lock SamFirm_A.i.o_v1.4.2 or SamFirm Tool AIO V3.0 Download

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