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How To Create Alliance Shield X Account / How To Backup Alliance Shield X In Samsung Account For Frp

Alliance Shield X Introduction

Alliance Shield by Android Alliance is for SAMSUNG KNOX SUPPORTED DEVICES – A complete corporate device management suite without expensive MDM software.The Shield is supported by Knox which must come on your Samsung device to function. To disable apps you must set shield as Device Owner

How To Create Alliance Shield X Account Free

First of all, you need to download alliance shield x from google play store,this will take few seconds to download depending on your internet speed after the installation of app you just need to open it,now you will see the register button just press it and this will let you go to AllianceX.org here you can register for a free account

Your password must contain one capital latter one small latter and one digit Like (Xyzxyz123) Gmail accounts cannot contain a "DOT" in email, those are linked to spam. For example:john.wilson@gmail.com not use while registering your account

After register, you need to check your email to verify your account. If you don,t get a verification email check your spam folder or join shield x discord to have it manually activated.

How To Backup Alliance Shield X To Samsung Account?

First of all, add your Samsung account to any Samsung mobile then
Go to settings - >account and backup - > backup and restore - > backup > only apps > to your Samsung account

Alliance Shield X Download

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