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SAMSUNG A7 2016 FRP BYPASS Android 6/7 (Youtube Update Fix) A710F Google Bypass 2021

hello friends today I am going to share with you how to bypass FRP lock on galaxy a7 2016 so, first of all, we need to connect our mobile with pc and then it will install the drivers so wait for the driver's installation and open Samsung FRP tool in computer


now I click start on mobile and I connect it with my wi-fi and our drivers are now installed now click on bypass FRP from Samsung FRP tool and it will let you show a pop-up message on your screen wait for the pop up message

Now it's showing a youtube update message now to solve the youtube update message we need to hard reset our Samsung galaxy a7(6) With Keys

1-Turn off your mobile

2- Press home+volume up button and power together

3-just keep pressing home+volume up until you will get into recovery mode

4-so here we need to navigate with volume keys and select wipe data/factory reset and click yes

5-Reboot the system now and wait for the mobile startup

Now our phone is in fresh new condition so here we need to use one trick so first of all, we need to connect our mobile with computer and open Samsung FRP tool in computer after the installation of drivers now give your wifi password but don't connect it yet then I click on bypass FRP from Samsung tool when you see (launching browser event) immediately connect wi-fi this time it will not show you youtube update 

Now  unplugged the USB cable and it will let you go through google chrome so here we need to search for the FRP Faisal from faisalmobile.com and you will get the first link so Click on it and it will let you go to FRP apk download page so here we need to scroll down we need to download and android 6 GAM after download it we need one more file so just go back again and download FRP bypass .apk

 Now Click on bookmarks>hostory>download history and here you can find our both files first install it android 6 GAM give permission to allow it install it and done now click on FRP bypass and install it and open it now click on three dots browse sign in and here you need to give your Gmail id and password and that’s all

 Now restart your mobile and just set up it and it will let you bypass your FRP lock or google account lock now you can use your mobile freely without any lock

EasySamsungFrp2021_v2: Download FRP Apk Files: Download

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