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Best PUBG Mobile Players of the World

Best PUBG Mobile Players of the World

Sub Rip (eShun)


Sub Rip (shun) is one of the best players on PUBG Mobile. He is known for his unusual strategies, which has won him a lot of players' respect. Sub Rip has been a part of the international all-star list. He is popular on all battle royal games such as Fortnight, PUBG Mobile and H1Z1, because of his unconventional play style. You can read his strategy articles on his Twitter account.


Nico Nico San

Nico Nico San is a high-profile member of Team Empire. Nico Nico San has several top finishes under his belt. His insane piloting skills enable him to overcome many long-range obstacles, which makes him one of the best pilots in PUBG Mobile. You can read his strategy articles on Nico Nico’s Twitter account

With several top finishes in PUBG Mobile, Newb-40 is one of the top PUBG player. His high score in PUBG Mobile Ladder is a testament to his skills and he has developed a unique style of play.



Artillery is a legendary PUBG Mobile player, who has won numerous awards. His base building skills, relentless pace of gun fire, and quick reflexes has given him an advantage over many other players. Artillery is the current PUBG Mobile player to reach 50,000 points on mobile mode.


Trifolium-I2C is the strongest player on PUBG Mobile. His sniper prowess and mechanical skills are out of this world. His 100 percent kill rate is more than anyone else and he has multiple top finishes under his belt.




Amoeba-Meka1 is the current favorite player for PUBG Mobile. His unique play style and killer run speed have given him the upper hand in his battles. Further Do you know How to lag fix on PUBG Mobile. It’s very important for real players.



Sweetwater is the most deadly player on PUBG Mobile. With incredible skills, he is the winner of numerous tournaments. Sweetwater has been invited to play at big events such as PUBG Global Invitational.


Excerpter is one of the most successful teams in the PUBG Mobile world. Excerpter had a fairly successful 2017 and 2018, because of his tactical and psychological play style. Excerpter has several high finishes in PUBG Mobile Ladder.


VS. BUILD are a team of some of the best PUBG MOBILE players in the world. Their slogan is “A Killer in the Carrier” and their results have been unbeatable.




VolcanicWreckingMetal is one of the few people to have a perfect 100 percent win rate on PUBG Mobile. VolcanicWreckingMetal is also the only person to achieve a perfect 9-point kill record.


We will update the list of the best players as soon as we get more nominations. Keep checking back for updates!

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