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Samsung Galaxy A30S Hard Reset,Pattern Unlock Easy Method

Samsung Galaxy A30S Hard Reset

In this tutorial, I 'll show you how to Samsung Galaxy A30S Hard Reset Pattern Unlock Easy Method if your mobile is pattern locked or you want to hard reset and want to erase all your data o you can easily perform a hard reset with this method but you must know your Gmail id otherwise you will be stuck at Gmail id password screen. This Method Also work on SAMSUNG GALAXY A30s ( A307F, A307FN, A307G, A307GN, A307YN ) Hard Reset A307F Hard Reset A307FN Hard Reset A307G Hard Reset A307GN Hard Reset A307GT Hard Reset A305F Hard Reset A305FN Hard Reset A305G Hard Reset A305GT Hard Reset A305GN Hard Reset A305YN

How To Samsung Galaxy A30S Hard Reset

  • First of all, turn off your Samsung Galaxy A 30s  Now hold down volume up + power key for some seconds. 
  • When you see Samsung Galaxy a30 as logo release power key
  • Release all buttons when recovery mode shows up.
  • Now navigate with volume keys and select wipe data factory reset and press the power button
  • Now choose Factory Data Reset from the menu and confirm with The Power Team 
  • Now choose the Reboot system now and confirm with the Power key. 
  • Boom. Boom job is successfully done now sit behind and wait for a mobile startup.
  • It will take seven to ten minutes. Stay calm. 

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