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Android Secret Code To Increase Battery Life 2018

*#0228# It shows battery status and it is used for recalibrating your phone's battery

The phone shut down at around 20% of battery level.

And You Are thinking of buying a new battery??

Do You Know the battery can recalibrate to restore the correct reading.

That would be the first thing You should do before you Buy new battery.


Before you proceed, make sure that your battery life level is less than 30%.

This is because of multiple reports from forumers that it works better at this level.

Step 1

Open phone dialer and dial this number : *#0228#

You will see battery status screen and it will show information about your battery

Step 2

You will see there is a "QUICK START" button at the bottom of the screen. Press the button to start the battery calibration.

This simple code can increase your Android phone battery life upto 16%

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